How to choose comb


A good comb should have comb teeth arranged uniformly and neatly, with appropriate spacing, not sparse or dense; the tips of the comb teeth should be blunt and round, not too sharp, so as not to damage the scalp. It is understood that many inflammatory, allergic and infectious diseases that occur on the scalp are related to the slight trauma of the scalp by the hair comb. If the comb is not suitable, the hair will break easily and get knotted, which makes it uncomfortable when combing. So don't buy cheap combs, because poor quality combs will make your hair suffer. Of course, the higher the price of the comb is not necessarily the better. First of all, it depends on the design of the comb, which should be soft and elastic, and not tied. Then look at the comb teeth. The round head is better than the pointed one, and the teeth should not be too close to each other, so that when combing the hair, it will not damage the hair and will not generate static electricity. When choosing a hair comb, don't be afraid of trouble, try and compare. You can use the normal strength of combing on the back of your hand. If you have a sharp or piercing feeling, then don't buy it.

principles for buying combs:

1. The comb design should be sturdy, heat-resistant, soft, flexible, and not tied.

2. The comb should be easy to comb and curl the hair without hurting the skin.

3. No static electricity.

4. A round comb tooth is better than a pointed one, and it will not hurt your hair.

5. There is no need to comb the hair too densely, so that the hair will not be damaged when combing.

6. When buying a hair comb, try and compare. You can use the normal strength of combing on the back of your hand. If you feel sharp and uncomfortable, don't use it.

7. It is best to prepare several hair combs to facilitate the combing of different hair styles.

8. Always keep the comb clean, first clean the hair strands attached to the brush, soak the comb hair in warm soapy water for a few minutes, then shake off the excess water, place the comb hair down on a towel and air dry naturally. Keep the wooden comb wet for a long time.

As long as the comb has the above characteristics, whether it is a natural hair comb or a chemical product. All qualified to be your close lover of hair.

Do not think that combing is a simple combing action. The benefits are not simple: the role of "comb lover" cannot be underestimated.

In addition, it should be noted that people with different hair types should choose different combs. Nylon, hard plastic, metal and other hair comb products will generate static electricity when contacting and rubbing with the hair, irritating the scalp. Frequent use will cause the hair to dry, chlorosis, and even cause hair loss. People with dry hair should not use it. Long hair, thick hair, tangled hair, curled hair, and hair messed up after shampooing should be combed with a wide tooth comb. If you use close-tooth combs, wire combs, row-tooth combs, or even round brushes, you may break your hair, scrape the hair shaft, and affect the hair roots, which may damage the hair follicles and cause artificial hair loss. In addition, combs with natural bristles can reduce the friction and pressure on the hair. This type of comb helps to bring the sebum on the scalp to the body of the hair, and these sebum is the best natural conditioner for the hair.

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